The Neighborhoods

The Preserve community is divided into distinct areas. Trillium Ridge is the first neighborhood on the lower portion of the mountain. From these homesites, the foothill valley rolls into the base of the Great Smoky Mountains which loom in the distance over English Mountain.  The middle mountain homesteads are known as Stillhouse Branch and look across the rolling valley to the Great Smoky Mountains. Pinnacle View, the community near the crest of English Mountain, provides a view over the valley to a wide-angle vista of the magnificent Smoky Mountains.

All the homes are bound by a covenant designed to protect the wildness and beauty of the area. There has never been a community built like this one. Every care has been taken to step lightly and to repair any damage done by building roads and homes. No tree is taken unnecessarily, and extreme precaution has been taken to ensure that the forest is left as pristine as possible.

Below is an interactive map of the neighborhoods and features of the Preserve at English Mountain. Use the controls in the lower right of the map to turn features on and off, and to zoom in on each neighborhood and lot.